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[Closed] Lets DIY My Home - Forum Rules

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  1. All members and guests must at all times be respectful to each other with no exceptions.
  2. There is to be no pornography posted on this forum at all, please report anyone that breaks this rule and the mods will delete the material as quickly as possible.
  3. No posting of materials, pictures, editorials, documents or any other subjects or literature that is marked to be shared without the written authorization of the author or publisher.
  4. Cursing or inappropriate language is not allowed under any circumstances.
  5. No one may make claims to any members or guests about personal knowledge of issues like and not limited to legalities, taxation, economic or any other professional advisement unless they are hired and permitted by the owners of Lets DIY My Home or this forum that is a part of Lets DIY My Home. The only exception may be by advance written permission by the owner of this site. Please read Policies & Disclaimers in this forum for additional information on this subject.
  6. The rules list within this page are subject to change at any time, so please review this page as often as possible for updates. Watch for announcements to these rule changes and updates on the forum's announcement section as well
  7. No Directing or promoting other sites in this forum without the authorization of the owner of this site/forum
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